Under the management of Next Wave, Brunswick Mechanics upholds a commitment to access and inclusivity, from programming through to marketing and operations. We prioritise listening, taking responsibility and adapting to make sure everyone can participate in our activities. Our principles, actions and evaluations processes are guided by our Disability Action Plan.
If you have any suggestions to help us continue improving, or would like any information in another format, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Telephone (03) 9387 3376
(Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions this phone is currently not attended, please email us to get in touch.)

Using this website

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We are committed to improving the accessibility of this website and the materials it contains.   
Please let us know if you are experiencing any difficulty, or have suggestions for improvements.  
For navigation and appearance assistance, head to the Department of Human Services (link here), which provides guidance on navigating websites using a keyboard, and changing your font size, style and colour, depending on which browser you use.

Plan your visit:

Audience COVID Safe Policy

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A short overview of how you can keep yourself and others safe while at Brunswick Mechanics.  

Brunswick Mechanics It’s been a minute! We’re so excited to finally welcome you back to our venue Brunswick Mechanics. In line with the Victorian Chief Health Officer’s guidance, Next Wave is implementing a variety of public health and physical distancing measures to keep our visitors (you) safe. 

Please note these are conditions of entry. 
What you can expect when visiting Brunswick Mechanics 

** Wear a fitted mask when visiting Brunswick Mechanics, and keep it on in indoor spaces. If you don’t have one, there are disposable masks available. Please ask one of our friendly team members in Studio 2.  

Complete the QR Contact Tracing Code if you enter the Brunswick Mechanics building, located at the entry via Sydney Road.Using your mobile phone, you must scan the QR code on entry and follow the prompts, to register your details. If you need help with getting the QR code to work, please give us a shout. This data will be important if there is a case reported on site. All data is confidential and not provided to third-parties.  

If you do not have a mobile phone, please leave your name and contact details on the form provided by staff to support contact tracing. 

Practice good hygiene: Hand sanitizer available at multiple locations at Brunswick Mechanics. Use it when you arrive at Brunswick Mechanics, or after handling items or touching surfaces. 

Keep your distance: Maintain a distance of 1.5m from other visitors on site. Adhere to maximum room capacities as directed at the entry way to different spaces at Brunswick Mechanics. 

Observe Room Capacity Signage Please adhere to room capacity signage. You may be asked to wait outside venue until the room capacity will allow entry. Suggested edit: please be patient. You will be granted access to a room only when there is capacity/vacancy? 

Stay home if you’re feeling unwell Attending our venue when you’re feeling unwell puts yourself and others at risk, please do not visit if you’re unwell, have experienced cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days, or have returned from overseas in the last 14 days.  

Be patient and kind to staff and other visitors: Please be patient as we navigate our new COVID normal. You are welcome to send feedback about your experience to mechanics@nextwave.org.au 

Our venue is undergoing enhanced cleaning throughout the day. As Government recommendations evolve we will continue to update information about visiting. We encourage you to follow @BrunswickMechanicsInstitute on social media (FB / IG) for regular updates about programming and any changes.   

Entry Access

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Brunswick Mechanics Institute is a wheelchair accessible venue with an accessible and gender-neutral bathroom. The venue operates all on one level. There are no stairs, steps or lifts within the publicly-accessible parts of the building, however flooring can be uneven in places.  
Accessible entry to the building is via the front door, which has a ramp to its right (if viewing from Sydney Road). This is the main entrance and exit to the building for all patrons.  

Public Transport

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Brunswick Mechanics Institute is located on Sydney Road with an accessible tram stop directly outside the front door (travelling towards the city). If travelling away from the city, the closest tram stop is adjacent to Brunswick Mechanics outside the Council Chambers. Tram number 19 stops at these stops.
Brunswick and Jewell train stations, on the Upfield line, are a short 10-minute walk on away from the venue, with mostly level footpaths.


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General permit parking is available in the carpark directly behind the venue with entry located on David St.  
The car park permit hours of operation are 8am – 5pm. Parking after 5pm is free.    
There are 2x wheelchair accessible parking spaces located at the corner of David St and Glenlyon Rd, and another 2x wheelchair accessible parking spaces located a little further down Glenlyon Rd, in front of the Brunswick Community Health Centre.  
If navigating to the venue entrance from these parking spaces, you’ll need to head back up Glenlyon Rd (towards Sydney Road), in order to enter the venue.  
For further information on parking permits and a list of wheelchair accessible parking spaces in the Moreland district, please visit the Moreland City Council website.

Disability Information

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  • What types of accessible seating options does the venue have?
    Mechanics has a variety of seating types throughout the venue. We have a seating bank in the theatre with steps leading up to it with no ramp. Seating in the first row can be accessed without climbing steps.
    Throughout the rest of the venue we have low and high stools, chairs with and without arms and some low couches. These seats can be moved around and configures as needed.
  • Are companion cards accepted?
    Yes – Companion Card [end formatting] holders qualify for concession price tickets to all Brunswick Mechanics events and receive a complimentary ticket for their companion. The companion ticket must be booked at the same time as the purchased ticket.
  • Where are the most suitable seating options for vision impaired patrons?
    In the theatre, the front row is most suitable for vision impaired patrons. If you are attending an event in the studio, get in touch with the organiser to confirm where would be best for you to sit.
  • Where are the most suitable seating options for hearing impaired patrons?
    In the theatre, the front row is most suitable for hearing impaired patrons. Mechanics recommends confirming with the organiser where the Auslan interpreter (if provided) will be standing near the stage.
  • How many accessible restrooms are there?
  • Are they unisex/gender natural?
  • Where are they located? (if applicable)
    They are located off the foyer, past the bar on the left.
  • Which seats in the venue are closest to the accessible restrooms?
    Seats in the front row of the theatre are closest to the restrooms.
  • Is there a dedicated accessibility staff member contact point?
    Please speak with our Venue Supervisor at the bar in the foyer.
  • Does your venue have a sensory room/chill out space?
    Studio 2 can be set up as a sensory room/chill out space. Speak to the organiser about whether they will be using this space.
Should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at mechanics@nextwave.org.au

Making your event/booking acessible at Brunswick Mechanics

An accessible event is one that everyone can participate in and engage with comfortably. This means there are minimal or no barriers to participation. Accessible and inclusive events require flexibility, creativity and planning. It is important to think about the accessibility of your event during the planning stage – the most accessible events are those with accessibility built-in, rather than as an afterthought. 
If you have questions about how to get started, please get in touch at mechanics@nextwave.org.au

Events and booking tickets

You can book tickets and view access services being offered for each event through the What’s On section of this website.    
Brunswick Mechanics can only process ticket sales at the venue an hour before each performance. All presales must go through the event’s chosen presenter or provider via the link on their event page.   
If you are having difficulty purchasing tickets and would like assistance, please call (03) 9387 3376 during business hours or email mechanics@nextwave.org.au  
We’ll aim to connect you to the right site or provider, or have them contact you directly.    
Companion Card holders qualify for concession price tickets to all Brunswick Mechanics events and receive a complimentary ticket for their companion. The companion ticket must be booked at the same time as the purchased ticket.