We run a biannual Development program in which artists or companies with a new performance project to develop are offered up to three weeks of free space, along with access to tech, production and industry support. Selected projects are able to use either the Studio or Theatre space and could choose to work in one intensive or across multiple blocks over the season. Approximately 30% of projects chosen were from artists who live in the City of Moreland. Expressions of interest for our January – June 2021 Creative Development Program are now closed.

2021 Creative Development Artists (Jan-Jun)

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Introducing the first class of 2021
Creative Development recipients announced 📡


2020 Creative Development Artists

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Expressions of interest for our January – June 2020 Creative Development Program are now closed. In the first half of 2020, Brunswick Mechanics Institute will allocate no less than 15 weeks of free creative development space to the following artists and collectives: Aarti Jadu Ciel Métallique Ciel Metallique follows a theme of discovering and paying attention to aspects of our physical, mental and subliminal reality. Alya Manzart Handmade An immersive and interactive, multimedia dance production, that will provoke the audience to question their impact on the environment. Chelle Destefano We Deaf Invisible A project based on being Deaf and the invisibility of our disability, being ignored largely by many political bodies and businesses and general population ignorance. Efren Pamilacan Embargoed – NWF20 project Kate Lefoe Wicked Women Over a three-month period, queer artist and filmmaker, Kate Lefoe, proposes to develop a script for a short film and long form series through improvisation and collaboration with Queer actors, performance artist and screenwriters at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute. Katie Sfetkidis How Good Is It? How Good Is it?, a new solo performance work by performance artist Katie Sfetkidis. This work reflects on the current state of politics in Australia. It contemplates the looming sense of anxiety, fear and helplessness that is pervasive in our current democratic culture. Lydia Connolly-Hiatt SF SF will be a 3-hour dance work/ installation for one dancer. Nebahat Erpolat Conquest Of The Garden Conquest Of The Garden is an interdisciplinary performance exploring the Persian poet Forough Farrakhzad’s poetry about women in Iranian society, against Nebahat’s own identity as a Kurdish-Australian artist. Through a series of poems, video projection and dance, C.O.T.G will illustrate the relevance of poetry in our Australian contemporary society. Rachel Perks An Exhaustive Treatise on Queer Desire An Exhaustive Treatise on Queer Desire will be a sequel to GROUND CONTROL (GC) which premiered at Next Wave Festival 2016. GC followed the story of Chris, an astronaut on a solo space mission who abandons the mission and flies into a black hole. This work will begin immediately after that; on the event horizon. Sumarlinah Raden Winoto An(other) An(other) is a bold project that looks to explore queerness through the relationship between movement and dress. The intersecting elements of this work of exploring queerness through the prism of movement and dress is a bold new connection that will push the creativity of our community.

2019 Creative Development Artists

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In 2019 Brunswick Mechanics Institute allocated no less than 30 weeks of free creative development space to the following artists and collectives: Oonagh Slater Collected and Constructed Intimacies An ongoing multidisciplinary project, that investigates quite broadly an idea of intimacy and seeks to both find it in the world, raw and untouched and build it from these discoveries. A_tistic Helping Hands Aa devised theatrical performance, co-created with a neurodiverse cast, which will explore the pitfalls, complexities and ethics of giving and receiving “help”, particularly help directed toward or enacted upon autistic people. Isabella Waru Working on their Next Wave 2020 Festival project, to be announced in March 2020. Roberta Rich Afro-podes: Reimagining African Archives Afro-podes is a type of ‘contemporary archive’: a re-imagining of the traditional archive; and a re-presentation of archive as performance, soundscape and site-specific installations. Lydia Connolly-Hiatt The Body and Other Tales In this development we will use science fiction text, poetry and language to form tasks to explore movement. Will McRostie Automaton This project intends to develop a performance work that is inherently accessible to people who are Blind or have low vision without relying on interpretive access services. Marcus Whale Working on their Next Wave 2020 Festival project, to be announced in March 2020. Little Ones Theatre Suspiria de Profundis Taking inspiration from Thomas De Quincey’s opium induced essay collection Suspiria de Profundis and  Dario Argento’s cult 1978 film, SUSPIRIA, Little Ones Theatre aim to create a choreographic theatrical exploration of terror, the divine feminine, dance, and the camp aesthetics of “giallo horror”(an Italian film genre) through a queer and culturally diverse lens. Jeffrey Tan RED The bringing together of a combined Australian and Singaporean creative team from a breadth of cultural backgrounds to explore the multi-cultural and multilingual meanings, symbolisms and stories inspired from the primary colour RED. Lachlan Herd (110%) Wet Nurse A collaborative performance and installation series that explores how artistic practice can function as a form of care-giving. TextaQueen The Story of Eve Eve of Incarnation is a cross-genre photographic series created by TextaQueen whilst artist-in-residence on Boonwurrung country, colonially named Point Nepean National Park, Victoria. The series retells its namesake biblical story as a mythology in which Eve upon leaving her ancestral lands of Goa, India to find herself naked on alien shores. Fjorn Butler Haunting the Flesh A ceremonial exploration of growing and becoming. Through multidisciplinary performance modes Papaphilia and Mossy attempt to capture the excesses of being that spill out in the daily conflict between bodily autonomy and settler notions of human civility – such as racial, sexual and gendered “purity”. Beth Arnold The Light and Air and Space and Time (LAST) Artists in Residence Light and Air and Space and Time (LAST) is a Melbourne-based artist collective. Beth Arnold, Melanie Irwin, Katie Lee, Clare Rae and Hanna Tai have come together with shared affinities among their respective practices and a firm belief that independent artists don’t have to work alone. Cheryl Ho HILLS Developing an experiential and interactive performance in which, the audience journeys through the timeline of ‘GIRL’ and her ancestors. Ngioka Bunda-Heath Working on their Next Wave 2020 Festival project, to be announced in March 2020. Ripley Kavara FAMILI FAMILI is a musical project that received funding in 2018 from Creative Victoria, Major Music Works. A visual 4 Track EP creating a platform for Queer Pasifika diaspora musicians and artists based all over Australia to represent their lived realities. Shian Law WHOEVER FINDS THIS I LOVE YOU WHOEVER FINDS THIS I LOVE YOU is essentially an anti-structure and acknowledges the importance of the fleeting yet deep connections such as serendipity and chance meeting. Rebecca Jensen and Sarah Aiken What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? (WAISTD) is a large scale participatory work questioning the complexities and complicity of contemporary Australia. Presented by Art Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe Festival for Take Over! September 16th –22nd 2019 in the Fairfax Studio. Israel Aloni I.D.Puss Research for a new collaborative project between two distinct artists who are taking a brave leap to experiment with the rigorous cross-mediation between their individual practices and identities.

2018 Creative Development Artists

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Over 2018, allocated no less than 26 weeks of free creative development space to the following artists and collectives. CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT – 2018 Artists and Companies Provides up to 4 weeks of free creative development space and more for artists or companies to develop new work.  See below for project synopses of 2018 selected projects. Emma Palackic, Christopher Bryant & Justin Gardam: Lockpick Pornography is a genderqueer adventure story adapted from the novella of the same name by Joey Comeau, a darkly humourous exploration into queer political vigilantism and the way that aggression and anger can both galvanise and destroy us. Field Theory: Final Visions is a performance event presenting live apocalyptic survival scenarios.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Bron Batten: Left Right Forward March is an interactive, live performance lecture, interrogating the ethics, morals, merits and drawbacks of left and right political stances within contemporary Australian culture. Cera Maree Brown & Meri Leeworthy: investigate the cultural history and social dynamics of astrology.  They take a lateral and critical approach to a clichéd conversation by interviewing people with a range of perspectives about their understanding and practice of astrology. David Woods: The Disability Slapstick Plan is a daring, funny, and complex work featuring artists with perceived physical disability. A triple-decker narrative of unconventional comedic proportions that navigates the intricacies of access and inclusion. Nat Grant: developing a work for solo drummer and feedback. Simply titled Feed, this work interrogates unsolicited feedback around gender roles in and outside of the arts. Ngioka Bunda-Heath: Second development working on an exciting new project tilted Blood Quantum. Olivia Koh, Jimmy Nuttall & Nicholas Smith: These three multidisciplinary artists and collaborators will focus on a new body of work which takes the form of a series of performances and films, capturing actors and performers interacting in inner-suburban localities and constructed sets, playing out sequences of televisual vignettes. Rachel Perks & Bridget Balodis: aka Double Water Sign. Calling on the almighty spectre of the Witch, MORAL PANIC unleashes all that is terrifying and unknowable about queerness and womanhood. It is an unsettling hallucination, an occult thriller and a very dark comedy. Rasha Tayeh: Palestinian artist Rasha Tayeh has re-contextualised the Ancient Map of the Silk Road in the form of a dining table and invites audiences to explore pre-colonial narratives over a five-course meal in Spice Trails & Trade Routes. 2018 RESIDENT ARTISTS Free and unlimited short notice space for artists and companies residing in the City of Moreland, to rehearse, make, meet, remount and create. Daniel Schlusser Geoffrey Watson The Furies – Tessa Waters, Steph Speirs, Victoria Falconer & Rowena Hutson

International residencies

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Next Wave is proud to be a partner in Asialink Arts new Global Project Space in 2018, enabling the first international resident artist to travel to Melbourne in 2018.