The Motherless Haus acknowledges the traditional custodians of these lands and waterways, the Boon-Wurrung and Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nations. The First peoples that have always been and continue to create and celebrate on these lands for time millennia. We pay our respects to their elders, past present and future.

We are all factors of a larger structure at work…synergise…we are all aspects of all elements, 

Always Queer – Always mob – Still Here

Crystal Features, Stone Motherless Cold

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Crystalline beings
Gathering around the tiny window
Stuck in motion and frame
Essence squeezed and splattered

Through bold lines and shiny glimmer
We stare back
Changing in front of your eyes
With cold lines around
New features shift and change
New faces lifted
Faceted till the shine deemed worthy…

Windy Month, Mo Money

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August is the windy month here. A month to pay tribute to fertility that is beginning. The sharing of seeds. The beginning of new birth. I was born on the border of Wiradjuri and Durug country. I was raised on Boon Wurrung and before moving to Woi Wurrung. The Kulin Nations have nurtured and cared for me nearly my whole life. I am a Wiradjuri person living as a guest here on Woi Wurrung lands. It is a privilege for me to share my guest language on these lands. I would like to pay my respects to the space I live in while reclaiming my language. I have shared a few words that are different ways to refer to the wind. This is to pay homage for the past month that is vital for the local weather calendar. 
Feel a current of wind, feel cold, feel a draft: GUDARRA
Belching up wind: GARRANGGARRA
Cold east wind: GARIWANG
Wind/also fear: GIRAN
Cold west wind: YIRINIRIN

Where is home?, Cerulean

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Water is powerful. 
Water is home. 

Cerulean the Meriam goddess, wades amongst the salty waves. Future in one eye; past in the other. Misuse of the planet is turning the essence of life into something fearful. With the rising of the tides, her traditional homeland is submerging slowly.

Cerulean’s portrait illustrates the gender-neutral inclusion of flowers and blak hair. Flowers on her great-grandfather’s ear, her grandmother and her mother before her. Roots passed down through generations. A feminine energy interrupted. Earrings cut from kulap seeds; shaking, echoing the sound of powerful voices in protest.

Heading out to sea with totems of the shark, beizum, leaning into something unseen. A world that we are fighting for but may not receive. In twilight, Cerulean dives deeper into the sea where beizum can carry her toward day or toward night.

A prayer to Mambo Ayizan, Oyana

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Golden sun rising over Red and Black.
Ayiti, Arrernte, Arawak,
Dahomey, Wiradjuri, Meriam,
From the unceded lands of the Kulin Nation,
We call you, Mambo Ayizan.

Herbalist spirit living in palm trees,
Mistress of Commerce,
Guardian of Ancient Medical Technology, 
Racine Lwa of herstoric knowledge, initiation. 
Speaking language of primordial Inter-Indigenationality, 
Organic Veve growing from a centerline 
Tells a story of two serpents intertwined. 

Resting in the iridium rich soil of a high mountain land of gods,
We call your name from the unceded lands of the Kulin Nation.
We request your guidance towards an ourtopian society manifestation.