Brunswick Mechanics Institute strives to be an example of eco-conscious venue management within the local Moreland community and beyond.

Through the delivery of our public events, private hires and the provision of space for artistic development, we aim to influence and empower our community to operate and live sustainably, inviting artists, hirers and audiences to participate in ethical decision-making at all levels of engagement with the venue.

In undertaking management of Brunswick Mechanics Institute, Next Wave is excited to showcase and integrate our eco-conscious values into venue operations aligned with Moreland City Council’s sustainability initiatives and strategies.

A champion of eco-accountability, Next Wave takes responsibility for the environmental impact of our work, advocating and embedding best-practice models of sustainability at all levels of the organisation’s activities, programming and events.

For an overview of Next Wave’s commitment to sustainability and recent achievements, please see the Sustainability Statement on the Next Wave website.

Over the initial few months of operation, our sustainability planning will see the Brunswick Mechanics Institute:

  • Implement paperless ticketing and finance systems
  • Monitor energy usage and waste in order to implement effective reduction strategies in the future
  • Encourage attendees to travel to and from events using eco-friendly transport
  • Engage ethical local producers and businesses for supplies and services
  • Install and utilise eco-friendly retrofitted LED lights

For further information on Moreland City Council (MCC) sustainability initiatives and resources, please see the following pages on the Moreland City Council website:

  • Environment – links to MCC’s climate change and water management strategies, sustainable transport and local environmental organisations.
  • Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy – maps out how MCC plans to reduce carbon emissions by 2020.
  • Sustainable Event Practice – includes a handy event sustainability checklist to assist with event planning.
  • Electric Car Charging  an electric car charging station with dedicated parking spaces is available in the carpark behind Brunswick Mechanics Institute (entry off David St).