New North Concert 2: Monochrome

5Aug | Event

New North presents: Shoshana Rosenberg, Theo Carbo and Niran Dasika & Phonetic Orchestra (VIC, WA & BERLIN)

‘Monochrome’ is an antidote to the oversaturated present.  New North’s second concert will embrace sound as meditation, as mantra, as centre, and as space between all the other things. An improvised piece by clarinetist Shoshana Rosenberg will focus on their experiences throughout this year: confusion becoming fear becoming rejuvenation becoming exaltation; Theo Carbo and Niran Dasika will craft slowly evolving textures of guitar, trumpet using delays, repetition and interconnected processing chains; and the Phonetic Orchestra will curate an intercontinental calmness with poignant minimal sounds poised on the edge of silence.



Shoshana Rosenberg

Shoshana Rosenberg is a clarinetist and composer based in Naarm. They are a music nerd and eternal novice with an art practice focused on improvisation and exploration of interconnectivity between divinity, interiority, and relationality.

Shoshana will perform an improvised piece focusing on their experiences throughout this year: confusion becoming fear becoming rejuvenation becoming exaltation. They dedicate this piece to their love Queenie Star and to the everlasting forces that guide and nurture them.

Phonetic Orchestra

The Phonetic Orchestra was formed in 2012 as a vehicle to explore the relationship between notation and sound. The unique ensemble brings together musicians from such diverse backgrounds as Contemporary Classical music, Electro-acoustic music and Experimental improvisation to create work that embraces site-specificity, extreme durational performances and the fluid borders between composition and improvisation, the individual and the collective. The Phonetic Orchestra has performed 8-hour marathon sleep concerts at the Museu Serralves (Porto, 2017), Pirelli Hangar Bicocca (Milan, 2018) and Kunstquartier Bethanien (Berlin, 2019). In 2020 they presented ‘Silent Towns’, a 24-hour livestreamed work with ensemble members in Melbourne, Berlin and Perth networked using JackTrip technology. Phonetic Orchestra has collaborated with some of the most singular voices in Australian and European experimental arts practice, including the Kitchen Orchestra (Stavanger), Srosh ensemble (Porto), Peter Knight, Jim Denley and Dale Gorfinkel.

For their New North performance, they will perform a new work for ensemble members in Melbourne and Berlin performing in real-time using JackTrip technology.

Theo Carbo & Niran Dasika

Theo Carbo is a guitarist, composer and producer with a finely honed sensitivity to the ebbs and flows of his musical environments. His unique perspective has lead him to perform and record with many of Australia’s most important musicians including Barney McAll, Andrea Keller, Sam Anning, Gian Slater, Chris Hale and Paul Williamson, as well as with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Speak Percussion.

Niran Dasika is a Melbourne/Naarm based trumpeter, improvisor and composer who makes an etherial sound on the instrument. Niran plays with an arresting vocal quality, creating songlike melodies that have the intimacy and immediacy of a folk song, transformed by his expansive instrumental facility.

These accomplished young improvisers will perform a new duo work that explores delays and repetition on micro and macro scales. Sharing interests in minimalist textures and live electronics, the duo will experiment with interconnected processing chains and slowly evolving forms.



New North is Narrm’s (Melbourne) newest platform for local musicians who push boundaries in their areas of practice, situated on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We empower artists and audiences to try the untried, experience the new, and expand conceptions of the possibilities of sound.

Ambitious ideas need space and opportunity to reach their fullest expression. Through concert presentations, commissions and community initiatives, New North aims to support and celebrate innovation from Melbourne’s extraordinary musicians and sound artists, both established and emerging.

New North’s inaugural 2021 series is presented at Brunswick Mechanics Institute, a centre for experimental performance, and will include three concerts and an Emerging Artist Commission. New North is supported by Australia Council for the Arts.

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5 Aug


7:30 pm – 9:30 pm AEST



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#melbourne #music #musicmelb